8 Ways to Build Respect in Relationship


The best way to get respect from other is to give it them first.

It’s not difficult to practice it with a girlfriend or boyfriend. 
Not because it's relaxed in relationships so we don't respect it.
Here's all the details …


Of our many demands to girlfriend, usually quality time is a priority. Well, quality time is really important in a relationship. But, spending more times apart is also important as well. Do not let courtship for him lose his "me-time". Sometimes we like to "monopolize" a boyfriend without us knowing it. For example, ask to be picked up or accompanied everywhere every day. If only once in a while, he would be willing - willing. But if it's often, after a long time he can stutter as a burden. Poor right? Well, instead of getting cynical gazes from people near him, it's better to give time for him to family, friends, or do his hobbies. So, we also have time to shop or go to the salon. This is necessary, to avoid getting bored and adding 'sparkle'. If you meet again, so many exciting things that can be chat.

In relationships, everything doesn't always have to be the same. Especially about perception. Naturally, if two heads often differ opinions on one particular thing. We like "A", but he doesn't like it. Even so, we and our boyfriend must respect each other with differences. Not agreeing with something doesn't mean you have to avoid or refuse, right? If we and our boyfriend begin to disagree, just accept the thought as a new way of thinking that makes our views wider. In this way, we learn to see things from various sides, not just from our own perspective or glasses. In this way, not only you’re a good listener, but also a considerate speaker.

Talking tastes, different from talking thoughts. Each person has his own choice. But sometimes it's more difficult to deal with different tastes than different opinions. Tell me, if he buys something that's not our taste, we don't necessarily want to use it right? He wants this we want that, he likes this we like that. But, the difference does not matter if we can respect each other. Respect his likes and dislikes. Including when he chose something. Make an anniversary gift, for example. If he prefers items that are functional, but they look far from cool, it seems like it's okay to "succumb" once in a while to using that item?

For boys, the skill is pride. That is something they produce and learn. So guys prefer to be known for their ability. No problem he can only sing one song using an acoustic guitar, or he has a talent for joking, he would be proud if we supported him. If it continues to be motivated, he will definitely be challenged to improve his skills to be even better. If possible, he will learn more about photo editing, ask him to take photos of us, and he uses techniques that he hasn't been able to. 
Whatever the results, say thanks first to show some appreciation. After that, just give input for the learning material.

Sometimes we think if a boyfriend's effort / sacrifice makes his girlfriend happy is an obligation. Like picking up everywhere, carrying groceries, waiting for grooming for hours, shopping, and we keep doing this kind of thing, thinking it is their job to be willing please us. Maybe he is willing to go along with that "torture". But remember, we can not tied our happiness to him because our happiness is our responsibility. Don't expect him to always do those "little" things. When he does, show him some gratitude. Yeah, so we don't seem bossy or wanna-be diva either. Point to thank you to your boyfriend after he answers the ticket or gets up early in the morning to accompany us.

If you already have 100% trust from your boyfriend, don't ever try to mess with it! If your boyfriend has given us your trust, it means you can make us to make choices and take responsibilities. Keeping your boyfriend's trust is not just not flirting with other guys. If the boyfriend’s tells us about his personal problems, that is also a sign that he has trusted us. So there's no need to share the story with anyone else. It may be that later he will not sharing again with us.

Promises made to be fulfilled are not denied or rescheduled. So if we are not sure we can watch the basketball game, there is no need to promise just to touch his heart. Before talking, makesure if you really can. Show him that we mean it when we say it. Remember! We don't need to hesitate too to say no. No matter guys or girls, everything needs certainty. Agree?

Suggestions / criticisms are common in relationships. But we have to do that in the right time. Most guys will be annoyed if they are criticized when they are together with their friends. Even though the intention is good, because of the wrong time, the boyfriend can be wrong in stalking, you know. If you have trouble, just talk when you're alone. Don't hold it too long! The criticism is discussed at the right time.
so, it's easy right ? Good Luck :) !
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